Being an Affiliate with guest Carolina Moore

December 3, 2021

Being An Affiliate with guest Carolina Moore

Being an affiliate with guest Carolina Moore

Have you heard the word AFFILIATE and wonder what it is, and how you can become one?  In this episode, guest Carolina Moore shares different ways you can earn money by being an affiliate for brands you love. There is no cost to start, no risk and it grows as you grow! Learn this easy way to earn extra income. Carolina has a wealth of knowledge about affiliate programs. Listen to the podcast for helpful information and resources so that you can get started being an affiliate, today!

During the podcast, Elizabeth and Carolina share:

  • What exactly an affiliate is…
  • Gaining income from your affiliate links. How that works and about how much you can expect to earn as an affiliate.
  • Where do you start? She shares specific places you can sign up with to become an affiliate
  • Carolina talks about Disclosures and Guidelines in declaring affiliate links.
  • How to interact with other affiliates comfortably and naturally. How you can be making money just by sharing what you love- what you already are doing! 
  • How to check your numbers, gather information, analyze your data and find your conversion rate so that you can show affiliates what you’re worth- plus help your business. 
  • How long do affiliate links last? How you continue to make money years down the road.
  • Her golden nugget of advice! 

Being an affiliate can be successful and lucrative… look into it and give it a try! 



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