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Perfect Half Square Triangles with Slotted Trimmers

Learn to make PERFECT Half Square Triangles with Slotted Trimmer Rulers

Make perfect Half Square Triangles with Slotted Trimmers, my new favorite HST ruler from New Leaf.  Let me show you what the rulers look like and how to use them.

Slotted Trimmers ruler to make Perfect Half Square Triangles

How To Use Slotted Trimmers

  1. Make a Half Square Triangle as normal. Start by sewing two squares right sides together, on both sides of a drawn, diagonal line.Step one in making the perfect Half Square Traingle
  2. Cut ON the drawn line. At this point, do NOT open your fabric or press seams.
  3. Take your Slotted Trimmer Ruler.  Whatever size your Half Square Triangle should be (unfinished), find that size on your ruler.
  4. Line up the dotted line that has your unfinished size listed above it ON your seam.  You can see that my unfinished HST will be 2 ½”.  So I lined the 2 ½” dotted line ON my seam.Trimming your Half Square Triangle
  5. Trim your HST.Using Slotted Trimmer to make a perfect Half Square Triangle
  6. This is when the SLOTTED part of the rulers come into play.  Using your rotary cutter, cut the dog ears off your HST.  Use the slots that are right BELOW your marked line. (For mine it would be the lots right below the 2 ½” dotted line).
  7. Now that your HST is trimmed to the right size and the dog ears are trimmed off, you can open your HST and press your seams to one side.  Use and iron to press your HST.  Notice that the Half Square Triangle measures EXACTLY 2 ½”. See how easy it is to make perfect Half Square Triangles with Slotted Trimmers.  Perfection!Make a perfect half square triangle with slotted trimmer rulers by new leaf

Two Different Slotted Trimmers

You will notice that there are two sets of rulers that come in a package.  One ruler is for Half Square Triangles that are FULL inches.  The other ruler is for HALF inch increments.  I can not think of a better or easier way to make Half Square Triangles than using these Slotted Trimmer rulers.

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Free Gingham Quilt Pattern + Tutorial

Get this FREE Gingham Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

Do you want a free gingham quilt pattern and tutorial?  I am sharing how I made this pattern a little different from other gingham quilt patterns, and also sharing a FREE download for the quilt pattern.  GET FREE PATTERN HERE.

My name is Elizabeth Chappell, and I am the owner of Quilters Candy.  I write quilt patterns, am offering a course on how to sell and write quilt patterns, and I host an online modern quilt guild.  I am excited to share this tutorial and free pattern on Amy’s blog.

GIngham Quilt in Orange Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics


Every other gingham quilt pattern I found had a border that didn’t make my OCD tendencies happy.  If you notice most Gingham Quilts have a border with mis-matching fabrics.  That is why I created this new pattern with a border that has matching fabrics on all sides.  Note the difference in these two photos:

Gingham Quilt Free Pattern

I wanted a Gingham Quilt pattern that looked like the quilt on the bottom.  I wanted a border that had matching fabrics on all sides.  Yet I couldn’t find a gingham pattern (for free or for purchase) that had that.  So I decided to write one, using the simplified strip piecing method.  Get the free pattern HERE.

Strip Piecing your own Gingham Quilt

To make a gingham quilt, there is an easier way than cutting each square and sewing them together.  This easier method is called Strip Piecing.  This is what strip piecing entails:

  • Cutting strips of fabric.
  • Sewing those strips together.
  • Cutting the strips into new strips made up of squares.
  • Sew those newly cut strips (with squares) together.

Steps to Making Free Gingham Quilt

  • Cutting Fabric Strips.  My version of the pattern calls for cutting strips 5 ½” x WOF.

cutting fabric for gingham quilt

  • Pin and sew alternating fabric strips together.  You will want the free pattern download for this step, as it tells you how many and which color strips to sew together.
  • Sew matching strips together, alternating rows so it goes Fabric A, Fabric B, Fabric A, Fabric B, and so on.

Free Gingham Quilt Pattern Tutorial

How to Make a Gingham Quilt + Free Pattern and Tutorial

  • Press seams all in one direction.

Free Gingham Quilt Tutorial

  • Cut your sewn together strips into new rows.  This step will give you strips with squares.  NOTE: Because your fabric is too large to fit on a cutting mat, I carefully fold my sewn together strips in half.  I then press it with an iron and fold in half again.  Make sure your edges line up.  This way you can cut you fabric easily.  However, if you do not fold your fabric carefully in this step, your squares will be wonky.
  • With your new strips that have squares in them, sew alternating rows together.

Steps to making a Gingham Quilt

  • NOTE: Be sure to pin at each corner so the corners match and the seams nest.
  • Sew all rows together.

Finishing Your Gingham Quilt Top - Free pattern and tutorial

  • Press seams in one direction, and your quilt top is ready to be quilted!  That’s it.  This can be done in a matter of hours.
  • Quilt in your desired method.  I, personally, love to use a minky backing when I can, and send it to a long arm quilter.  I consider it treating myself. 😉

Free Gingham Quilt Pattern made with blue fabrics


All you need to do now is decide what fabrics you want to use to make your gingham quilt!  Be sure to use the hashtags #QuiltersCandy and #GinghamLove so we can see your finished quilt.

If you like this tutorial, be sure to visit my other free tutorials, like this one on DIY Spray Starch.  Not to mention using spray starch to make your quilt will help your points to match!

More photos of my two versions, one with orange fabrics, the other with blues.

Orange fabrics: Warp and Weft by Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Ruby Star Society.  Colors: Warp Weft Wovens Persimmon, Warp Weft Wovens Dahlia, and Warp Weft Wovens Natural.  Backing, Leos Orchard by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Blue Fabrics: Peppered Cotton by Cottoneer in the following colors: Lake, Fog, and Oyster.



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