Surface Pattern Design

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As a quilter, I have definitely thought about designing my own fabric line.  In fact, I signed up for a class that teaches you everything you need to know about how to design fabric.

Immersion 22

The class I took is AMAZING.  It is taught by one of my favorite fabric designers, Bonnie Christine, and it teaches both artistic people and “non” artistic people how you can become a surface pattern designer.

In the class, the teacher starts from the very beginning for someone, like myself, who didn’t know much of anything about where to start.  But it also was a good fit for people who already dabbled in surface pattern design or art, and just needed some pointers or help on the business side of things.

In fact, there is a QUIZ to see which stage you are in for becoming a surface pattern designer.   TAKE QUIZ HERE.

If you haven’t noticed, however, I do not currently have a line of fabric that I’ve designed.  My goal this year is to submit my designs to fabric companies.  I feel totally vulnerable putting that out there, because now you all know that I am submitting my work!  And yes, I’ll share the process and what I hear back and all of my journey.

But here’s the thing.  I first took this class two year ago.  And guess what?  I have used what I learned in the Surface Pattern Design class EVERY WEEK since I took that class!  I kid you not.  I have used what I learned in this course for writing quilt patterns, making flyers and post cards, and more importantly I have learned business ideas from this class that have helped me grow my business in ways I would have never imagined.

If you want a sneak peek into this amazing course about becoming a Surface Pattern Designer, join Bonnie’s FREE Master Course on Surface Pattern Design.


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If surface pattern design is something you want to do, taking this course is a must. You will learn everything you need in one place, from the best instructor out there, plus you will create a group of friends who will support and cheer you on as you reach your dreams.

CLICK HEREto sign up (sign up is for ONE WEEK ONLY, from February 18th – 25th) and recieve $100.00 off the course’s total price.