From GAP to Quilting: Christopher Thompson (aka The Tattooed Quilter)

October 15, 2021

Craft To Carreer Podcast From Gap to Quilting

From Gap to Quilting: Christopher Thompson (AKA The Tattooed Quilter)

From GAP to Quilting: Christopher Thompson (aka The Tattooed Quilter) shares his story of how he went from working with the GAP, for nearly 20 years, to making a move across the country from New York to Utah to become Director of Product Marketing at Riley Blake Designs.  Christopher starts his story from the beginning and shares with us how making pillows for a charity show kicked off his discovery into the quilting community, which really opened his eyes and renewed his love for quilting. On the podcast, discover how he has turned his love for quilting into his full time career.

Christopher shares:

  • How The Tattooed Quilter came to be! 
  • What business decisions were game changers for him in finding success in his quilting career
  • How he feels about the amount of “followers” in relation to revenue success and what resources he has discovered that could really help your revenue stream
  • How he has not let the “no” discourage him. He shares that he has had a lot of no’s before he’s had heard yes and his process of reaching his goals
  • Christophers biggest piece of advice: Continuously put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in the industry. He shares about importance of building and forming relationships and having confidence  
  • He talks about being a male in the quilting industry and how there is room for everyone in quilting!
  • Shares his favorite things about having a career in quilting 

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