Pattern Writing Course

Learn to write and sell quilt patterns

Learn to Write and Sell Quilt Patterns

I am taking what I have learned about successfully writing and selling quilt patterns and sharing it all with you.

"Know that there is enough room for everyone to be passionate, creative, and successful. In fact, there's more than enough room for everyone; there is a NEED for everyone." - Marianne Williamson

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What will be covered in the course:

Week 1 – Business Basics
Week 2 – EQ8 Basics
Week 3 – EQ8 Advanced
Week 4 – Adobe Illustrator Basics
Week 5 – Adobe Illustrator Advanced
Week 6 – The Pattern: What to Write
Week 7 – Selling Your Patterns / Growing Your Business
Week 8 – Business Growth and Coaching

EACH WEEK – There will be a Live Q&A.  These will be recorded in case you can’t make the call.  Class members email their questions, so again, if you can’t make the call I can still address your questions.  The calls last for one hour for each of the 8 weeks.  This can cover ANYTHING you want, from what was covered in the lessons that week to personal business questions.  My goal with these calls is to offer the most value to the students as possible. 

1 – I will check in each weekday to answer comments and questions within the course.  
2 – I will check in each weekday with the Facebook group.  This is a great place for class members to collaborate and work together / share ideas. 
3 – I am offering a 45 minute one-on-one business coaching call with each class member.  I would like to record these and share them with the other class members so everyone can learn and benefit from each others.

The course is 8 weeks.  The content will be dripped for the first 8 weeks.  That means new content is released each week to avoid overwhelm.  Once the 8 weeks is over, you can access the course for life.  You can always come back and re-watch or re-read any of the lessons, live Q&As, questions and coaching 


Registration opens once a year in September.  I only open once a year so I can put all of my energy into this course and those who are signing up to take the course.

I have been writing and selling Quilt patterns since 2016.  I have experienced the growing pains of learning to write a good pattern.  I want to help you learn to write your best Quilt patterns by avoiding mistakes I learned the hard way.

I have also learned how to successfully build a brand and earn money.  I believe there is room enough for all of us to create and be successful, and I want to help you be a successful Quilt Pattern writer. 

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy

Have me as your personal guide in learning to successfully write and sell quilt patterns.  

Outline of what will be covered in the Quilt Pattern Writing course: (subject to change)


  • Growing Your Business

    • Focus your business goals
    • Identify your ‘brand’
    • Grow your following
    • Earn money from pattern sales
  • Using EQ8 to design a quilt.

    • Using their library of blocks and fabrics
    • Creating your own custom quilt blocks / quilt tops
    • Importing custom fabrics (prints and solids)
    • Creating Mock-Ups
  • Writing your Quilt Pattern with Adobe Illustrator

    • I walk you through every step of creating a document from adding images, text, tables, pattern covers and backings, to bar codes.
    • Adobe is the industry standard when it comes to writing and printing.  Learn what you need to write quilt patterns without getting overwhelmed.
  • Quilt Pattern Writing

    • Get help with quilt math, editors, wording, layout, and more.
  • The Business Side of Quilt Pattern Writing

    • I share tips and ideas to grow your brand so you can successfully sell your quilt patterns.
    • How to deal with comments like, “Your pattern looks JUST like. . . “
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