About Elizabeth of Quilters Candy


Welcome to Quilters Candy!  I am excited to help YOU create beautiful quilts.  Whether you join the Quilters Candy Membership, watch a video tutorial, or sew a favorite pattern, I am glad you are here.

Let me share a bit about how I got started as a quilter.

In 2015, I met a dear friend, Tracy. We dreamed up all sorts of things to do together: building tables, starting a tween makeup brand, and eventually, starting a Quilter's monthly subscription box.

Doing a quilting box was a natural fit as Tracy's mom and sister design fabric and quilt patterns, and quilting was something Tracy taught me all about. This was such a fun adventure to start with a friend, and one that led me headfirst into the quilting world.

For one year, starting in 2016, Tracy and I worked together to bring Quilters Candy Box into the world. It was a fun and exciting adventure, but Tracy and her family ended up moving away. Quilters Candy Box then became a business I ran by myself. 

Along with curating a monthly box, I made more and more quilts, learned how to write my own quilt patterns, and eventually started a digital monthly membership instead of a physical membership. 

Now here I am, inviting as many people as I can to learn the joys of quilting, just as I have.  Be sure to leave a comment and share with me how you got into quilting yourself.