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April 19, 2022

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Hi, we are Emily and Mary! We live in Minnesota where the snow is still falling more often than we’d like, it melts and starts all over again. Maple syrup run is complete, syrup cooked down and bottled for the year, now we wait for spring. Looking out the window, you’d think it was here with the blue sky, tiny buds on the trees (that are afraid to open) and then you walk out the door and turn back for your winter coat BRRRR.

owners of Rosie Girls Quilting standing in front og red, orange and yellow quilt

Rosie Girl Quilting

Rosie Girl Quilting was a far-reaching star that we both talked about often and how we wanted to have a quilt shop…someday! Like so many of you, we both have a deeply seated love of fabric and craft passed down from my Great Grandmother all the way to Emily’s daughter. The visits to quilt shops and the continued projects re-enforced our ideas until we finally sat down and put the pieces together. Rosie Girl Quilting will be 3 years old this year. This has truly become a family centered business with everyone involved. You will catch glimpses of us in our IG posts, behind the scenes helping with fabric pulls and orders or out on a “Quilt Venture” to capture pictures. This has been an incredible journey so far that has taught us so much and wouldn’t be possible without this amazing Quilting/Crafting community.

Our shop has grown considerably since we opened. Initially the plan was to offer only pre-cuts, that lasted a nanosecond. The family room and guest bedroom were vacated to become our online shop. We have many many shelves of fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics, Cloud9, Cotton and Steel, Diamond Textiles, Paint Brush Studio, Ruby Star Society and more. In addition, we have been fortunate to work with several talented quilt pattern designers and have tested more than 50 quilts in the past year! We take them from pattern test to completion and then offer bundles in the shop when the Pattern release day arrives. It is so much fun to work with these incredible designers.

Daydreamer quilt

Day Dreamer from Elizabeth Chappell 

Perfect Placement from Sewn Handmade

Most importantly, quilting is all about color and texture as well as personal preference. There really is no wrong way to select the fabric pull for your project. Emily likes to focus on the bundles we offer. She has a specific way she goes about this and tends to land on a solid fabric pull that is appealing. If only you could watch our interactions during this process. It’s always the bundles that I give her the “Ohh, really” and that look (you all know the look ), that tends to be most liked. It’s sometimes about going outside your comfort zone and doing something totally different. Pictured below is a pull of quilters cottons and woven fabric, all the texture makes for a beautiful combination.

spa day

Spa Day FQ Bundle

Those of you who have followed us on IG have been introduced to “Dad”. He is the creator of our Tailors Clappers and Natural Hardwood Quilt Hangers along with a few other non-quilting related items. “Dad” took a look at the clapper I had and decided he needed to make a few of his own design and add them to our shop. These are weighted clappers and have a nice fit to my hand. They really are Beautiful!!!

cherry clapper
quilt boards

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention trade shows. We have had the opportunity to participate in our local state show and QuiltCon. It has been so much fun getting to meet so many of you that stopped by. That connection means the world to us, we cannot thank you enough. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your projects and help where we can, never hesitate to reach out. You’ll find us at Rosie Girl Quilting Be sure to sign up to our contact list.

Happy quilting,

Emily and Mary



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