Quilt on a wall with a yellow chairin front of it. The quilt has colorful fabric bundles tied with ribbons
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New ‘Bundles Of Joy’ Quilt Pattern: Every Quilter’s True Joy

What brings more joy to a quilter than a fresh, new bundle of fabric?

When I thought of designing a quilt that featured little bundles of fabric wrapped with ribbon, I knew I wanted to save this pattern to use with Amy Sinibaldi‘s fabrics.  If you know me, you know that her fabrics have been a favorite of mine as long as I have been quilting. (See other quilts I have made using her fabric here and here).

One of the things I love about the fabric I picked for this quilt, ‘Mayfair’, are the colors and the tiny designs on the fabric.  Let me share a few ‘Bundles of Joy‘ blocks and you can take a look for yourself.

Bundle Of Joy Blocks

A close up of 'Bundles of Joy' quilt blocks using 'Mayfair' fabric by Amy Sinibaldi. These blocks are blue and purple.

Can you see the tiny flowers in the top fabric?  There’s hints of yellow, along with the dreamiest blue.  You can see a pop of the yellow fabric on the right, and notice the purples, pinks, and deep blues.  The colors make this fabric line turn any quilt into something you would find at a cute boutique.  Maybe, for instance,  a cute store in London?  The entire line is inspired by Amy’s  time spent in London, so that’s very fitting.

One 'Bundle Of Joy' Quilt block with a pink ribbon and blue and pink floral fabric.

In this close up of a quilt block, you can see how Amy’s hand drawings are turned into the perfect, whimsical fabrics.  And if you are drooling over that custom quilting (come on quilters, you know you are), I’ll leave a link so you can find out who the magical hands behind that was:  CUSTOM QUILTING. You can also try HAND QUILTING to give your quilt a custom feel.

Drawings Turned Into Fabric

Here are some of Amy’s hand drawings.  Notice her flowers here and in the quilt block above.  I just LOVE them!

Amy Sinibaldi's black and white ink hand drawn flowers and vases.


If you like this fabric and the ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt, you are in luck!  I am starting a Quilt Along to help you make your best ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt, and it starts Wednesday, the 25th of March 2020.  No matter when you read this blog post, you can access the Quilt Along with all of it’s tutorials and tips HERE.

Want to get your hands on this fabric?   I’ll link a few online shops that sell it HERE and HERE.

A Bundle of Mayfair Fabric with the Quilters Candy logo in the bottom right corner.


One last thing I would love to hear from you about is this: What do you see when you look at the ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt?  One quilter said it looks like a gift bundle.  Another said this reminds her of a stack of quilts.  Another said it looked perfect for a baby shower.  I’m not sure what she saw the bundles being, but I like it!  I’m curious what you see when you look at the quilt top?

Quilt on a wall with a yellow chairin front of it. The quilt has colorful fabric bundles tied with ribbons
Bundles Of Joy

If you want to get this pattern and make your own ‘Bundles Of Joy’ quilt, you can get the pattern HERE.

Cafe Tiles quilt hanging on a wall with a plant in front of of it
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New Cafe Tiles Quilt Release

I am SO excited to share my newest pattern, Cafe Tiles, with the world.

Two Decembers ago, I was eating at a cafe with some friends.  We were downtown at a quaint little place, and I couldn’t stop admiring the floor.  Thankfully my friends get me, and they encouraged me to photograph the floor so I could turn it into a quilt pattern.  That’s when you know you have true friends.

It only took me two years to turn that design into a quilt pattern.  Okay, okay, I admit, it took a while.  But the pattern is here now, and that’s what matters.

I reached out to some pattern testers who’s work I adore.  I asked if they would be willing to test this new pattern for me.  I am just blown away with the different looks and designs each tester created with the Cafe Tiles pattern.

Let me introduce my Cafe Tiles pattern testers.  I’m adding their Instagram names so you can go and see their accounts.  They have some really pretty work!

1. Julie Gehman – @thelittlepineneedle

 No photo description available.

2. Kaylee Hildreth – @31rubiesquiltstudio

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3. Sharon Challenger – @shashalaruequilts

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4. Laurel Aigner Ray – @porcupinestew_threads

No photo description available. Image may contain: plant and indoor

5. Alex Hoffman – @hoffmamacompany

Image may contain: plant Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: stripes  Image may contain: stripes

6. Morgan Alonso – @thesweetestsnuggles_quilts

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7. Erin Grogan – @lovesewmodern

No photo description available.

8. Valerie – @threebirdsnstitches

3 birds 2   3 birds 13 birds 3    3 birds 4

Aren’t these quilters amazing?  I love ALL the looks!  Scrappy, Solids, Prints – they are amazing!

Last but not least, I am sharing some photos of my original Cafe Tiles Quilt, along with the newest version I am working on.  When it’s done, I plan to update this post with the finished quilt showcased.

For my original version, I used Art Gallery Fabrics solids in grey and oranges.  For the backing I used Amy Sinibaldi’s ‘Pastoral Crescendo’ from her Sonata line.  I loved the bright oranges that complimented the oranges on the front of the quilt.


What I am working on now is also using Art Gallery Fabrics solids.  I decided to try a brighter color scheme, and go with ‘Cottontail Explore’ from their Meriwether collection for the backing.

cafe tiles purple

How about you?  What fabrics would you like to use to make your own Cafe Tiles quilt?  The world if your oyster.  I will be watching the hashtag #cafetilesquilt to see what you design.  To grab a copy of the pattern, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or comments about the pattern, leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.  Happy quilting!