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From Subscription Box to AGF Sewcialite – My Journey

In 2015, the idea to start a monthly subscription box for quilters was stewing in my brain. A good friend of mine, Tracy, was my partner in crime in getting Quilters Candy Box started. We worked and studied and got everything ready for our first box to ship in June of 2016.

The first Quilters Candy Box shipped June, 2016.

I learned a lot real quick about the business side of the quilting world. I also learned a lot about quilting! Tracy helped introduce me to all things quilt related. The more I quilted and read patterns, the more I realized I wanted to try making quilt patterns.

I still remember being on a family vacation and all I could think about were different patterns. I would close my eyes and envision a pattern. I would look at something in a gift shop and think, “That could totally be made into a quilt pattern!” As much as I enjoyed that vacation, I had a hard time waiting to get home to start researching how to write quilt patterns.

As I started writing patterns, I got questions about if my pattern was a good beginning quilter pattern. Keep in mind I wasn’t too new to the quilting world myself. I remembered what it was like to not understand a pattern. I may have shed a tear or two in frustration over misunderstood patterns and cutting into fabric incorrectly.

I realized I wanted to create a space for new quilters. I wanted to write patterns and create a place that was easy for new quilters to enter. I LOVED having handmade quilts in my life, and I wanted others to experience it, too.

As I thought more about this, I realized I couldn’t do it ALL. There is only so much time in a day. As much as I loved doing the monthly subscription boxes, I knew it was time to say good-bye to that part of my business. And knowing that I was going to move on to teaching quilting and writing patterns, I also knew I wanted to help teach people about fabric.

Fabric is a HUGE part of quilting. It can make or break a quilt. And it’s also not something people know too much about. Fabric is much more than just a pretty piece of cloth. So I did a little research, I looked for which fabrics I consistently used and liked, and it led me straight to Art Gallery Fabrics!

And so here I am! I am thrilled to be able to focus on teaching quilting, writing patterns, and sharing Art Gallery’s amazing fabrics!

AGF Sewcialite

Why I am an AGF Sewcialite

My focus right now is sharing my love for quilting with others. I want to reach out to anyone and everyone who has a hankering to quilt and guide them into this amazing world!

Here I am at the Art Gallery Fabrics Headquarters learning ALL about their fabrics so I can share it with you!

One of the things I want to share with others is the fabric we use to quilt with. What fabrics you use can make or break a quilt! And I don’t know that we, as quilters, put a lot of thought into our fabrics beyond looking at the color or design of the fabric. And while that IS important, there is so much more than that.

What makes Art Gallery Fabrics unique in the BEST ways:

  1. Art Gallery Fabrics is now OEKO-TEX certified. This means that Art Gallery sends their fabric to Germany, to a special lab that tests their fabrics to make sure that earth friendly dies are used to color each thread. Art Gallery Fabrics are safe enough for your little children to put in their mouths (which happens with fabric and kids!) It means the earth and your loved ones are being kept safe while still providing lovely fabrics!
  2. Art Gallery Fabrics has a SUPER high thread count! The higher the thread count, the softer, less fraying, more vibrant your fabric will be. Have you ever sewn with a fabric and it is fraying all over the place? Or it feels stiff and un-cuddly? I can promise it wasn’t Art Gallery Fabric. Because with a thread count of 133″ x 72″, you are going to LOVE the look and feel of Art Gallery’s fabric!
  3. I love the LOOK of Art Gallery Fabrics. You know when you keep seeing fabric you love, then you ask, “What fabric is that?” For me, it’s ALWAYS Art Gallery Fabrics. If you aren’t familiar with the different designers and fabrics at AGF, keep an eye on my blog and social media. I am so excited to share some of their lovely fabrics with you!
  4. Art Gallery Fabrics is committed to working with the BEST people. When I met Pat Bravo, the owner of Art Gallery Fabrics, it felt like running into an old friend. I met Pat years ago at the Houston Quilt Market. I didn’t know at the time that she was the owner of Art Gallery Fabrics, but we talked and it was wonderful! I learned that she is from Argentina and that she loves Dulce De Leche. As I met more of the designers for Art Gallery, I noticed and felt that each one had something in common. They felt comfortable, friendly, even familiar. I could FEEL that this was a company that I loved right down to the very roots.
Walking through the aisles of fabrics at Art Gallery Fabrics. Y’all, this is every fabric lover’s dream come true!

I knew I wanted to share what makes Art Gallery Fabrics so amazing with others! I am excited to work with their fabrics and show you just how wonderful they are. So keep your eyes peeled. I have lovely fabrics and projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

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Mister Domestic Aura Blog Tour

Hawaii. Need I say more? Mister Domestic’s new Aura fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics was designed and created from a trip to Hawaii. When I see it and sew with it, I feel like I’m IN Hawaii! It’s like Mister Domestic is giving us each a little slice of Hawaii right in our homes!

When I picked which fabric I wanted to use from Mister Domestic’s new Aura line, I had such a hard time narrowing it down. Here are all the fabrics from the new collection:

See what others are making with this fabric line by clicking on the photo!

I finally decided to go with Hawaiian Honu Dusk (the cute sea turtle print in blue), Aloha Spirit Habiscus (pink geometric / floral design), an Art Gallery Pure Element solid called Ocean Waves, and for my background fabric, I chose Loulu Fans Sand (an off-white sandy looking fabric). The funnest addition for me was choosing the backing. I decided to go with Laki Island Daylight, and I LOVE the bright blues and the florals. I think it was the perfect choice, if I may say so myself. 😉 . It’s what really gives the quilt that ‘island’ feel.

It was fun to see the colors and quilt top come together. I love how Mathew’s fabrics bring such a warm and happy feel to your quilt. Now I just need to get to a beach with this quilt!

It’s been SO fun working with this new fabric line. You definitely want to get your hands on some of this fabric. And if you’re smart, you’ll buy a bundle with each of the fabrics in it, because the hardest part for me was narrowing down which fabrics NOT to use! It’s also the perfect time to start making a quilt for the summer that you can bring to the beach with you!

Be sure to see the other AMAZING things people are making with Mister Domestic’s new Aura line for Art Gallery Fabrics here.

Triangle Jitters quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts
If I can’t be at the beach, I’ll bring the beach to me!