Want to be a Surface Pattern Designer?

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Find out how!

Have you dreamed of designing fabric?  Or maybe walking into a store and seeing a notebook with your artwork on the cover.  Even if you just want to learn Adobe Illustrator, I have an exciting offer for you.

Once a year an exceptional course is offered to teach people how to use Adobe Illustrator, along with inside tips on the business of surface pattern design.

I took this class 2 years ago.  I LOVED this course!  I loved the friends I made in the course, 2 of which are now fabric designers (one for Riley Blake Fabrics and the other for Art Gallery Fabrics).  I use what I learned in that class every day for my business.


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Band Aid Quilt      

    Band-Aid                             Bowtie Flower                   Snow Globes


If you want to get a feel for what the class offers, join a FREE master course beginning February 10th.

If you know this course is for you, I am offering a $100.00 discount for the course.  If you sign up for the course with my affiliate link, I will reimburse you $100.00 off the total cost of the course.  You will have to make sure to use THIS LINK to join the course in order to get the $100.00 reimbursement.  You can sign up for the course from February 18th – 25th.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about the course and what I learned from it.  I am an open book, and only share this with y’all because I can back it 100%.



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