Perfect Half Square Triangles part 1 – THANGLES

If you’re like me, Thangles is a new word to your vocabulary.  Thanks to Instagram and my awesome Quilty followers, a few of you shared that Thangles are your secret weapon for perfect Half Square Triangles (HST).  When I heard that, I HAD to try them for myself and share what I found with y’all. 

What ARE Thangles?
Thangles are a pack of paper you can sew on and iron on that help make perfect HST’s. As it says on their website, “You never have to cut triangles, use 7/8″ math, or square up every piece.   All you do is cut straight grain strips.”

How do they work?
1. You order Thangles based on the size of the finished HST you want. The finished HST size in inches is printed on each Thangles paper. (Mine is 3″).

*Remember that the FINISHED size means what it will measure when the quilt is made, not the size of the HST before it is sewn to the other HST’s.  I forgot this when I first started and I MAY have freaked out when my HST was a perfect 1/2″ bigger than I was expecting.  Ooops!

2. Cut your fabric in strips that are the same width as the Thangles paper. This will end up being 1/2″ wider than the finished size of your HST.  So for mine, I cut strips that were 3 1/2″ wide. 

3. Place one background and one patterned strip of fabric right sides together (RST).

4. Pin one Thangles onto the wrong side of the background fabric. I pinned it in 3 places so the paper was nice and secure and didn’t move while I sewed.

5. Sew along the dotted lines on the Thangles paper.

6. Cut on the solid lines. Each Thangles paper will give you 4 HST’s. (The picture below is only half of one Thangles paper).

7. Keep the paper on, finger press the HST open, then iron press seams to the darker fabric.  THE PAPER WON’T ALLOW YOUR FABRIC TO GET PULLED WHEN YOU IRON!  This was a huge plus for me!

8. Now you can tear the paper off!

9. You will now have a PERFECT HST.  Like magic! You can use your HST’s for any pattern you wish!

My favorite quote to say to myself while I’m quilting is, “Slow and steady wins the race.”  With Thangles, like anything else in the quilting world, you have to take your time.  It takes time to pin the papers, sew, cut, and rip off each paper.  But it leaves you with PERFECT HST’s!  I’m also not convinced Thangles takes longer than other methods of making HST’s.  I am testing out a few other ways of making HST’s and I will share which one is the most accurate and which one is the quickest.  Hopefully they will end up being the same method! 😉 What is your favorite method for making HST’s?  

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