Hand Quilting / Stitching

​Have you wanted to try hand quilting?  I have been wanting to try for a while, but felt paralyzed.  I didn’t know how to do it or where to start.  So, as with most things in my life, I watched a video on it, read an article, and jumped in!

And guess what?  I LOVE hand quilting!  And I want to help anyone else who is wanting to try it out.

First things first, you need a few items to get started.  Here is what I used:

1. MATERIALS – Click HERE for a link to buy any of these.

Valdani Cotton Pearl Thread

Needle Pullers

Leather Thimble

Embroidery Needles


Friction Pen OR mechanical pencil of your choice

Little Scissors

Thread wax

This is only if you have a hard time threading your needle.  With this wax, you rub the end of your thread through the wax, and it makes the ends not fray so it is easier to thread your needle. 

Spray Baste


When you finish your quilt top, spray baste the batting and the backing together.  I love this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew on spray basting.  Here is the link to it: SPRAY BASTING TUTORIAL

TIP: After spray basting, iron the quilt and backing.  This really helps hold everything together.  In fact, I didn’t need to use an embroidery hoop at all during my hand quilting process.  I didn’t know that was unique until a few people who watched my Instagram video tutorial commented that they always need to use one.  They wondered how I got my quilt to stay so flat and smooth.  So – pretty cool!

Photo from Cluck Cluck Sew’s blog.  Link Here


At this point, decide where you want to do the hand quilting.  That’s when you take the template from the book, “The Geometry of Hand-Sewing” (see the link for Stencil above), and using a friction pen or mechanical pencil, make little marks on your quilt for your needle to follow.  I used the words on the stencil as a guide to keep my markings straight-ish. 


Thread your needle, tying one knot at the end of the thread, and starting at the bottom of your quilt, pull the needle and thread through to the quilt top.  Follow along your stenciled path until your thread runs out, or until your path ends.  Take out the needle, tie a little knot at the end of the thread on the back of the quilt, so that it’s right up against the quilt, and you’ve finished your first row!

In this picture, you can see where one of my hand quilting rows ended because I tied a knot.  This knot is the bigger one.  Then I started my row again where you can see the next little knot,  This is the back side of my quilt. 

Tips:*If you’re right handed, start your needle at the right side of your stencil mark and work to the left.  Do the opposite if you’re left handed.

*I wear the needle pullers on my pointy finger and my thumb, and I use those two fingers to pull my needle.  Then I wear the leather thimble on my middle finger, and I use my middle finger to push the needle.

*You can visit my Instagram account and click on my profile.  There you can watch a video tutorial about this! My Instagram name is @quilterscandybox