When Marketing Is Fun

September 1, 2023

When Marketing Is Fun

When Marketing Is Fun

Did you know marketing can be fun? Not only that, but you can feel confident in what you offer. You can feel confident telling people, “This product isn’t for you.” Learn how to have more fun with your business. How to provide a better value to your customers and then SHARE what you offer in an effortless and fun way.


In this episode I give insight on:

  •  The reasons why I offered an Early Bird Special for my Quilt Pattern Writing Course. It was fun for me! Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. I also take you a little bit behind the scenes with my affiliate program. 
  • I talk about when marketing can be fun! I share an experience I had with with a launch Alex Hormozi did and how it really made an impression on me and played a part in why I wanted to offer this special. He had fun offering it, I had fun receiving it- it works so well. 
  • It really feels so good when you can be confident with what you are offering will be of value and so worth the money and time for those who participate. In fact, I am so confident that you will love The Quilt Pattern Writing Course that I am offering a full refund if you find it did not work for you. Knowing what I am offering has so much value and will help people makes marketing easier and fun!
  • I try to stay up on social media and making the reels for this Early Bird Special was a lot of fun… which makes marketing something you’re confident in, enjoyable.
  • Learn what is fun about your business. Focusing less on money and more on what you enjoy.
  • I share about my epic retreat failure in Round top, Texas. I am trying it again with Liza Taylor in Utah. We will have big speakers, hikes, good food and I am really enjoying that this is my job! In 2024, the retreat will also be SO amazing. Me excited about these opportunities is an understatement. It brings me joy to market them.
  • I want you to think about what would be so fun for you to do. What kind of group would you create? What would you lobe to teach? If you are dreaming of something and excited about it, the marketing will become fun and you will be at peace with what you are offering. 
  • I share about some negative comments on social media and loving others that show “hate”. We don’t have the power to change others minds about us. How people show up says more about them than it does about you. When you love others, this is when change happens. 
  • Feedback…is it necessary or hurtful? Filtering through and loving ourselves. We can’t love others until we love ourselves. The more that we accept ourselves, the more confident we are in what we are offering. When we are scared of other peoples judgements, we are really scared of our own judgement. Allow others to have their emotions and have compassion on yourself. 
  • Don’t put energy into trying to gain others approval. Don’t judge others or worry about others judging you. Don’t let negativity stunt your grow- create the best possible in whatever you do, with confidence and self compassion. 
  • I share a coping method try when you feel anxious or that imposter syndrome coming on. 
  • What lights you up? The Early Bird special was one of my things that light me up, got me excited and made marketing fun. What are you passionate about? 
  • Who is The Quilt Pattern Writing Course for? I tell you exactly who! 

Elizabeth's Quilt Pattern Writing Course

Do not miss out on the Early Bird Special. Sept 1-2! HERE is where you join the waitlist to find out more about the special/ early sign up. Regular Quilt Pattern Writing Course registration is September 8-14th, 2023. 

Not quite sure if this course is for you? Want a teaser about the course, what you are going to learn and how I teach? Join the 3 Day Workshop coming up! More info VERY soon. 

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Kim Jimenez,

This Podcast is Amazing! 

I can’t rave enough about Elizabeth and the entire Craft to Career Podcast show. The episodes are so helpful & inspiring. Plus, Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and relatable. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from her to implement in my business. Highly recommend! ❤️


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